At our roots, we are drawn to stories: the telling, the hearing, and the shared experience of stories.

From my grandfather's tale of squashing tomatoes on a police car in the 1940's, to my daughter's plight of getting gum stuck in her hair at the symphony. The familiarity of stories connects us all on a primitive level.

It's no secret that the world could do with a lot more humility, integrity, and empathy. And as a photographer and filmmaker in these content-hungry times, I get the opportunity to contribute stories to that end.

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest. I love exploring outside and introducing others to this great playground.

The wilderness offers plentiful opportunities to gain confidence and find mental clarity. A frigid night spent in the backcountry can do a person wonders (as it has done for me)! You only need say, "Yes!" and step into it.

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