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My first experience with film was at the age of twelve using my mom's Minolta X370. I became entranced by the sharpness of the viewfinder, the audible "slap!" of the mirror, and the chemical, magical nature of silver halide crystals.


Over twenty years later I still use that Minolta X370, and I've added more cameras to the mix: plastic toy Lomography cameras, half frame, panoramic, medium format, twin lens reflex... each of them translates light in fascinating, unique, and enchanting ways.

Film truly is not dead, but it is getting much more expensive. Hopefully my work and writing can inspire people to keep shooting (and self developing) even on a tight budget. Patience and ingenuity are your best tools. You don't need the latest, greatest gear or the most popular film emulsions. You just need the passion and drive to pursue film and you'll soon be well on your way to capturing magic.

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