If you're shooting and developing film in this digital age, it means you GET IT: the slower process, the tactile chemical reactions, the self satisfaction of performing "magic" of a sort. If you're not shooting or developing film... it actually doesn't take too much to get started, so let me help pave the way for you!

Negative Reinforcement is an ongoing project to encourage and aid myself and others toward shooting and developing their own film. The name refers to film negatives and reinforcing the use of film, but it's also a play on the term.


When talking about negative reinforcement as a term, the negative part of it isn't necessarily a bad thing, it refers to "removing" something, or threatening to remove something, in order to reinforce a behavior. Parents use this all the time: don't do chores, lose time on gaming devices. You reinforce an action by threatening the loss of something precious (where positive reinforcement would be: do good, get candy (Maybe I'll adopt that name if I end up shooting a bunch of positive slide film).

For me, this project is primarily about connecting with fellow passionate, unique, and creative human beings, and with the people I photograph. And so the negative reinforcment is that I miss out on those interactions if I don't shoot film.


As one who works with digital media for a living, I'm actively decreasing the time I spend using digital devices (with at least a small part of my life) in order to slow down and embrace the much more calculated and disciplined analogue format.

I wouldn't call myself a pro. In film photography and development there is always more to learn and more to try. What you capture can sometimes be unpredictable. Or it can be exactly what you predicted. There are right ways, wrong ways, indifferent ways, strong preferences, best practices, guidelines, rules to follow, and rules to break. So don't get caught up in that stuff. You do you and have fun! And please feel free to reach out!

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